ILM Lamination Unit

The ILM laminators are the most flexible and fastest laminators on the market. With a growing demand for durable and tamper proof cards, the Inline Lamination Modules help extend the life and security of secure employee cards, visitor cards, driving licenses or national IDs.

The ILM features a compact design with portrait mode lamination, user friendly front loading supplies, quick change lamination cartridge and lockable front door for utmost security. Its innovative design allows the ILM to be used in conjunction with the DCP 360+ and the XID 9300 series, making it a versatile machine.

The ILM uses a portrait lamination method, which allows the ILM to laminate a card every 16 seconds. It is also very flexible with laminating different card materials, ranging from PVC, composite PVC, ABS, PET, and even polycarbonate. For added card security, custom and generic holographic foils are available to combat fraud and counterfeiting.

The ILM comes in two models, the ILM-LS (single sided model) and the ILM-DS (Dual sided model).

For more information, download the data sheet below.

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