DTC4500 ID Card Printer

Fargo’s DTC4500 is a robust, high performance card printer for mid to high volume applications. The versatile DTC4500 offers a combinations of field upgradability, ease of use and integrations with other HID products, as well as a small footprint.

The DTC4500 was designed to be flexible and easy to use for the user. With a modest footprint this printer can fit on most desk spaces, utilising its minimal size. It also offers long lasting supplies, the SmartScreen graphical display and an easy, intuitive set up. This makes it the perfect printer for organisations who want high levels of security and performance without the high investment and training.

The DTC4500 modular design allows for optional upgrades and added functionality, so it can change as your needs change. Upgrades include, added dual sided printing, single or dual sided holographic image lamination, HID proximity encoding, contact and contactless encoding and a same side input/output ID card hopper.

Ideal for businesses, colleges and universities, and government institutions with medium to high volume applications.

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